SEKOLAH PELITA UTAMA uses the national curriculum plus the modification of teaching and learning programs in the field of Science and Mathematics which entirely uses the language of instruction and reference books in English. It is based on the consideration of the objectives to be achieved by Pelita Utama Elementary School (SD Pelita Utama) in order to prepare students who have the ability to compete and contribute positively to the interest of the world community in the future. In addition, Indonesian language instruction in learning is aimed in order that students continue to demonstrate the identity of the Indonesian people who have a noble culture.

Pelita Utama Elementary School is deeply concerned about moral standards. We have a goal to build new generations of highly competent graduates with high morale. The moral value is embedded through the Character Building learning. Raising the moral values is very important at the elementary stage. It is expected when students continue to the next level, the moral values will become their personalities.

So, welcome to SD Pelita Utama Batam!


Ratna Sari Dewi Sitorus, S.S, S.Pd, MM

Principal of SD Pelita Utama